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About E-Services

Keystone’s E-Services is a customer-accessible website containing a wide range of useful data and tools. For example, you can log in and gain access to a wealth of DEP and EPA forms, as well as your completed DEP forms. You’ll also find our custom version of the DEP storage tank database, CADD site drawings and job invoices.

It’s password protected. Your account can be customized to fit your needs.

There are two levels to Keystone’s E-Services:

Eformation Basic
Eformation Basic gives you access to blank DEP forms, DEP and EPA information, manufacturer links and our custom DEP storage tank database. You also have access to Eservice, which enables you to place non-emergency service calls via the Internet.

Eformation Basic is free with qualified registration.

Eformation Custom
Eformation Custom is a component-based Web service which includes all the features of the basic version, but is configurable to suit your needs. There are currently four different modules choose from:

  1. SSA – System Sentinel Anyware: Web-based tank volume monitoring and compliance reporting of your locations. This requires an ATG and either a phone line or a broad band connection at the station level.
  2. Online parts ordering with access to your account receivable information (history and current). Parts ordering requires a valid credit account with Keystone Petroleum Equipment.
  3. Online access to a customer-maintained complete station compliance database. For existing customers this module also includes access to previously completed DEP and L&I forms for work performed by Keystone Petroleum Equipment.

You may choose any combination of the four modules based on your needs. Regardless of the modules selected, access to your company’s website is unique and password protected.