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Environmental Compliance Testing

If your company needs competent and certified installers to work with tanks of any type, Keystone’s installation department will meet all your needs. Our installers carry certification in three states: Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia.

These certifications allow us to work with above ground and underground tank installations and modifications. In addition, Keystone is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to perform facility inspections.

Keystone’s service fleet includes a pull-behind calibration trailer. This trailer has three, five-gallon provers that empty into three separate 105-gallon holding tanks. It is also equipped with a single 100-gallon prover that empties into the three holding tanks. For locations with above ground tanks, the trailer is equipped with an off-loading pump and 50-foot hose reel. This system is ideal for calibration of retail or commercial fueling facilities, truck stops, heating oil trucks and any metering system under 70 gpm.