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Solutions for POS End of Life

What is POS End of Life?
Point-of-Sales systems now linked to major oil companies’ networks in many cases will not be supported with software updates or replacement parts after specific dates announced by each company. These “end-of-life” or end-of-support announcements also limit the POS system options available to “go forward.”

How do I find the “end-of-life” date for my system?
The dates vary by major oil company and by the brand of the POS system. Please contact Keystone to determine when your POS will need to be upgraded.

»Check our News page for the latest info.

Does Keystone offer POS system upgrades?
Yes. Contact us and we’ll be happy to show you what’s available now on the market.

Are there financing options available for upgrading my POS system?
Contact Keystone for information on lease terms and financing for new POS systems.